Ceiling hoist in Physio Department – Frances Vorwerg Special Needs School

Security, safety and comfort.
These are the key words when lifting a person with disabilities. Both for the user and for the caregiver, who must also safeguard their health. Constant product development has resulted in these ceiling hoist systems to become a […]

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DOE Gauteng – Incontinence Clinic Project 2010

How to improve lives and learning in South African special needs schools creating access, mobility and independence for learners with physical impairments?

Through the program, each school materially improved its services of providing special needs education and improve the working environment for staff and caregivers, enabling schools to attract and retain all personnel dealing with learners during […]

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University accessibility solutions for people with disabilities in SA

Did you know that installing accessibility solutions for people with disabilities in your university will assist, on average, 30% of the people using the building? It’s not just about government regulations – we know that learning institutions want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to access their facilities, whatever their level […]

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How to prevent back pain when handling patients

A common health complaint among nurses and therapists is back pain, which is often caused by incorrect lifting and moving of patients. For these caregivers, practising the right body ergonomics can go a long way towards both avoiding back pain and finding relief from it.
Below we cover the ways in which caregivers can avoid […]

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Stairlifts – A solution for every house

A solution for every house
Handicare develops it products on the basis of customers’ needs and requirements. We frequently talk to future and experienced Handicare users. The feedback we receive is incorparted into the design process and our products wherever possible, resulting in a contemporary and innovative package of features. This allows us to respond […]

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