Felicitas School Before & After (New)How to improve lives and learning in South African special needs schools creating access, mobility and independence for learners with physical impairments?


Through the program, each school materially improved its services of providing special needs education and improve the working environment for staff and caregivers, enabling schools to attract and retain all personnel dealing with learners during toileting and regaining dignity. After all, the learners cannot learn and be educated if they do not have safe, accessible and usable toilet facilities.

  • Training on incontinence and sensitisation
  • Installation of ceiling hoist systems enabling easy lifting and transferring of learners in and around bathroom and toilet facilities
  • Installation of shower chairs with support arms and backrests enabling safety, security and stability
  • Installation of hinged support arms around each toilet for save and easy transfers
  • Spatial design guidelines


JessenDakile will trained all caregivers on incontinence which has proven to enable more learners to independently manage their toileting which free up time to focus on learners who require special attention.

The learners who are able to manage independently, are now able to take care of their toileting routines during breaks and be ready for classes as per schedule maximizing learning and education.

Further training focused on sensitization of caregivers who often have limited or no formal training.

Flexible bathroom products:

Filadelfia School - Soshanguve

Creating a well-functioning room is a complex task. JessenDakile Danish bathroom products therefore work systematically. All of the solutions are developed in relation to three clearly defined elements that set forth the requirements:

the User, the Carer and the Room.

The system is represented by three icons:

User – Carer – Room. Below we review the thinking that lies behind our way of working.

JessenDakile’s products are created through collaboration and teamwork. The user’s and carer’s experiences are combined with our development expertise and knowledge of movement patterns and space requirements.

User:  We wish to preserve the person’s mobility at the highest level for as long as possible. The carefully planned and flexible interior design enables the user to manage situations in the bathroom alone to a greater degree. At the same time, the user can feel safe and confident because JessenDakile’s products are strong and stable. 

Carer: For users who cannot manage things themselves, personal assistance is required in the bath and at the toilet. The bathroom thus becomes a workplace for both family and health care professionals. It is our conviction that good working conditions, including an appropriate design of the workplace, must be given high priority so the work can be performed according to the highest health and safety standards.

Room: The rooms we work with can be too small or poorly designed. But the walls cannot be moved, so our products must. The flexibility of our solutions makes the room more accessible and easier to work in because it optimises the space available. The future value is ensured, because the track easily allows for changes in the position and combination of products.

People want to take care of themselves. This is fundamental to self-esteem. To be able to manage in the bath and at the toilet is perhaps most fundamental of all. JessenDakile not only makes it possible – its solutions also make it a pleasurable experience.

The advantages for the user

  • Independence: JessenDakile products enable the user to maximise his or her abilities and perhaps require less personal assistance.
  • Flexibility: JessenDakile products can be adjusted and positioned for the individual user – whether child or adult – walking or sitting.
  • Safety: The strength and durability of the products make the bathroom a safer environment and enhance people’s confidence to use them.
  • Comfort: Contact surfaces are soft and warm, qualities that, combined with the correct positioning, provide the highest level of comfort.
  • Detail: The system’s carefully planned construction, choice of materials and discreet attention to detail make it easy to integrate into interior design – without compromising functionality.
  • Self-esteem: Being able to bathe and use the toilet in safe and stylish surroundings gives the user more dignity and self-esteem.


For the carer, the bathroom is a workplace. This is true regardless of whether the carer is a professional, a family member or a friend. JessenDakile’s carefully planned solutions create a functional, safe and effective workplace.

The advantages for the carer

  • Working environment: JessenDakile products mean a minimum of physical strain, quicker and easier work routines, and thus better and safer working conditions.
  • Flexibility: JessenDakile products can be adjusted and moved according to the user’s and carer’s needs. JessenDakile products can be adjusted and moved quickly and easily by the carer.
  • Respect: The products’ flexibility ensures that the carer can carry out their work without compromising the integrity and dignity of the user.
  • Safety: The strength and durability of the products make the bathroom a safer environment and enhance carers’ confidence to use them.
  • Self-esteem: The pride of caring for people in the best possible environment.   


Space is a scarce resource. JessenDakile breaks through the room’s limitations. With the wall track, the room adjusts to the user and not the other way around. This is what we call the room that functions well. The advantages for planners and administrators

  • Consultancy: Comprehensive consultancy on the room that functions well ensures that it is suitable for both users and staff.
  • Flexibility: JessenDakile’s system ensures that a room can always be adjusted to a user’s needs. The products can be removed and added and moved to other rooms with horizontal tracks as necessary.
  • Secure in the future: JessenDakile’s system makes rebuilding and renovation unnecessary for individual changing needs or for new users.
  • Finances:
    • Faster and easier installation.
    • The materials’ durability ensures a long lifetime for the products.
    • Fewer products may be needed. They are mounted on and removed from the tracks according to demand. Where there are several bathrooms, they can be shared between the rooms. –     A good working environment minimises absenteeism, work injuries and accidents.
    • –    A safe toilet and bathroom environment increases the ability to be independent, thereby reducing the need for personnel. The risk of falling injuries – which often increase rehabilitation time – is reduced. 

Lifting & handling products and training to all nursing and care giving staff

Lifting & Handling - Hoist Training

ceiling hoist system is often the ideal way to lift and move people from one place to another. When the lifting equipment is mounted on the ceiling, you keep the floor space uncluttered and it’s much easier to get around. A lifting system of this kind can normally reach anywhere in any room. With the mechanical and moving parts discreetly out of the way, you can fit it into virtually any room, and furnishings and floor coverings are no longer a hindrance. It also saves you time, as everything you need for effective lifting and moving is always in place, ready to use as soon as it’s needed, with unique Guldmann recharging systems for power you can always depend on. The result – more time for the care that really counts.

You’ll benefit from Guldmann ceiling hoists right from the start. They are reliable – with built-in power source for constant recharging and always-on availability comfortable – smooth, jerk-free starts and stops responsive – prompt reaction times and dual-speed feature safe – sophisticated built-in safety systems, including emergency stop and lowering intuitive – ergonomically correct control unit that is comfortable and easy to use.

Reaching new heights 

Picture 4When you mount the lifting module in a rail on the ceiling, it brings a new dimension to the carer’s working environment, with documented reductions in stress, strain and injury and a big difference to job satisfaction.

Depending on the situation, a carer can accomplish routine handling and lifting tasks on their own; single carer. If you’re the user, a ceiling mounted hoist starts smoothly and glides almost silently, making you feel more comfortable and safe throughout. Guldmann lifting modules are designed for heavy lifting, with capacities of 175–500 kg.

Everyone benefits because the lifting equipment is always in place, ready to use straightaway the lifting height is much greater the user is held at a comfortable height during the lift it gives greater freedom of movement and fewer weight limitations you save space and time.

Modules make a perfect fit

One can install Guldmann ceiling hoists just about anywhere. They are an integral part of a complete range of lifting equipment that includes rails, hoists and accessories, all designed as modules that work together perfectly. You can combine these modular sections in numerous different ways to meet virtually any need in any building – from clinics to hostels.