Jessen Pty Ltd has completed a lift project with a home owner in the Blue Valley Estate, Midrand.

A two stop lift enabling the residents to comfortably and safety reach the bedrooms on the first floor.

The NTD lift from Sweden, is one of the best value and quality residential lifts in the South African market.

Some of the features required for public lifts are not included in a residential lift therefore providing an affordable lift option.

The advantage with a NTD is:

  • Excellent finish and fit of all panels and components
  • Low noise of operation, lift can be operated whilst members of the household is sleeping.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • No pit required
  • No special head room required
  • No motor room required
  • Single phase power is sufficient
  • Versatile configuration, doors can be arranged on all 3 sides depending on what suits the application best.
  • Quarterly service only
  • The cost of ownership compared to any other lift type is the lowest possible in the short, medium and long term.