Jessen Pty ltd. has over the years installed a few hundred of lifts of various types and makes, we can virtually offer any type lift depending on your needs, wishes and budget.

We offer house lifts, lifts for offices and public buildings, apartment blocks, hospitals, goods lifts for factories etc.

This featured lift completed end of December 2015, is a screw type lift from Italy, with a glass shaft, stainless steel panels covering the machine side and automatic doors.

Jessen Pty ltd. offer cost effective maintenance programs for each of the various lifts types, anywhere in South Africa.

The screw lifts whether Swedish or Italian are smart choices for residential applications, Smart, effective, low noise, simply to maintain, cost effective to own and run.

If you have any lift requirements, check what Jessen Pty ltd. can offer on 0833866950, Martin Jessen,