Vertical platform lifts (wheelchair), platform lifts (wheelchair) and Elevators

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Modern and sophisticated lifts have been designed to add an opulent touch to any luxury home and public life. Accessible lifts, meanwhile, offer ease of movement in the homes and offices for people with disabilities, and give wheelchair users the freedom to move between floors safely and with ease. Both types of lifts are able to transport people in either a sitting or standing position, making these lifts suitable for people with disabilities and people walking impairments. Jessen’s lift range includes…

  • Platform stairlifts for wheelchair users.
  • Chairlifts for elderly and walking impaired users.
  • Vertical platform lifts for residential and public use
  • Screw Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Traction Lifts
  • Dumbwaiters
  • Stretcher bed Lifts.

All our lifts may be operated by means of electricity or hydraulics, and provide a simple, luxurious and comfortable means of moving individuals from one floor to another. Contact us now to learn more about our advanced and fully customisable lifts. Alternatively, read on to find out about choosing tailor-made platform or wheelchair lifts for any private or public space.

Custom-made platform & wheelchair lifts

Jessen’s lifts have been created to meet the highest standards of functionality and design. Available in different sizes, finishes and colours, each can be seamlessly merged into the design of any home or public building. From our selection, choose the model that best suits your taste, budget and requirements. Depending on the particular model you select, you may opt to have glass walls fitted in your lift, or to have it painted a specific colour. You may also be able to select your preferred floor finishing, or to choose to install spotlights, stainless steel finishes or a range of technical options. Certain lifts, such as those used in schools, offices and apartment buildings, may include heaters, ventilation systems and outer roofs. These are designed to suit any environment in which they are installed – just as those for private use can be customised to match any interior or design.

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At Jessen, we create mobility products that are subtle, stylish and tasteful in any environment. That’s why each of our lifts are not only functional, but luxurious and aesthetically appealing too.

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