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Hoists and mobility aids are required in a wide range of situations and environments, and it’s essential that these mechanisms be safe, reliable and easy for carers to use. Moreover, well-designed hoists will also offer maximum efficiency in potentially challenging situations.

Jessen’s range of wheelchair hoist and patient hoist solutions have been created to make it as easy as possible to move, lift or position people in any environment. Specifically, our hoists have been designed for use in:

• Private homes
• Care homes
• Hospitals
• Rehabilitation centres
• Hotels
• Organisations for individuals with special needs
• The transportation of people with limited mobility

Whatever your patient requirements, we’ll help you to select the ideal hoist to make transfers as simple and convenient as possible, and which provides the highest levels of safety for patients and caregivers alike.

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Transferring individuals from one place to another can be a difficult and potentially risky task, both for patients and caregivers. Without the right equipment, patients could sustain injuries while being moved, and caregivers could experience discomfort, sprains and even severe strain on their backs. Manual lifting is simply not advised – either for professional caregivers or family members.

Jessen’s high-quality patient hoists can be used in range of everyday situations, and have been designed to ensure comfort, safety and ease of transfer for patients and their assistants. Crafted by individuals who understand the unique needs of those with mobility difficulties, our patient hoist products are:

• Reliable: Built-in power sources facilitate fast recharging.
• Comfortable: Smooth, streamlined movements ensure optimal comfort for patients.
• Safe: Emergency stops and lowering functionality, combined with an automated safety system, makes our hoists and mobility aids completely safe and secure.
• Affordable: Whether you’re using a wheelchair hoist or any other type of patient hoist, our products are known for their low energy consumption and minimal operating and maintenance costs.
Over and above these benefits, all of our hoists and mobility aids offer always-on functionality, dual speeds and ergonomic designs for ease of use.


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